Parlez-vous Tibetan?
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Looking for someone who can translate or has any idea what this book dedication might say. Here is a pic of what was written in the book. Thanks!
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I asked a friend who was likely to know, and his response was "No idea. But maybe if you emailed tashi mannox, he'd know."

You could try there if nothing comes up here.
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Taz (taz's?) husband is Tibetan, I think. Maybe do a username search and try her?
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That's my husband you're thinking of, I assume. I'll send him the link and ask him to translate.
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Whoops, sorry! Yes, your husband.
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Best answer: VERY happy to be mistaken for Taz!

From MrTaff, my Tibetan husband, who didn't realise I couldn't add images. He divided this in to three parts. I'll try to find a way to put the image up later...or I'll email Taz and ask her to!
"Text a:
Phonetic translation: Tsering-naymay-deki-denpar-mon
Literal translation: long life, healthy-happy-full-of—pray
Meaning: I pray and wish that you have a long, healthy and a happy life!
Text b:
Phonetic translation: Dre-Lo-Ling-Tsawa-mang-chen (translator’s note: while it may be clearly pronounced in the English text, overtly mentioning or introducing yourself in Tibetan writing is still a matter of much resistance for most Tibetan authors. For many centuries, Tibetan authors have tried to introduce themselves through clues (poetical), rather than through “brazen” words. It is considered a sign of humility and respect for the reader to not promote your personal name. Thus, here the author shows his humility by abbreviating his own background identity and tries to take as little space as possible away from the real subject matter at hand.
Literal translation:
Dre-Lo (abbreviation for Drepung Loseling monstery – the biggest monastery in the world in the 1930s before it was destroyed during the Chinese invasion in the 1960s. It used to house almost 10K monks at any one time. )
Tsawa-mang-chen: (“house” called “Tsawa-mang-chen” within the Dre-Lo monastery he may have studied in or belonged to)
Meaning: Belonging to or of Drepung Loseling Monastery Mangchen House
Text c:
Palden Gyatso 99/11/8
Palden (meaning: glorious)
Gyatso (meaning: Ocean)
99/11/8 (year/month/day of his signing)
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Home again home again jiggedy jig.. I'm at a computer and have attempted uploading the image to an image sharing site... crossing fingers it works.

Click here to see the annotated image relating to the previous reply.
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Response by poster: Awesome job taff..thanks!
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