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Thanks to upgrading my DirecTv receiver, I can now watch YouTube on my tv! What should I watch?

I am interested in mystery and sci fi, and documentary shows. Preferably short vs long - it seems that shows longer than an hour don't always want to load.

Stuff I already know about thanks to Mefi: Mst3k, Bush Tucker Man, Science Fiction Theater, Gerry Anderson Shows, Young People's Concerts, Ways of Seeing, Civilization.

So, what fantastic shows, that you can't believe are on YouTube, are on YouTube?

P.S. Even if the show isn't in one of my listed genres, go ahead and mention it. Someone else might be interested even if I'm not.
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Best answer: BBC's Inventions that Changed the World and Invisible Worlds.

All of Crash Course.

Vsauce is always fun.
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Green Library Films has both full length public domain movies and loads of old home movies.

Tromamovies has full length horrible horror, scifi etc. from Troma.
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Best answer: Yeah, came to mention Crash Course, but, instead I'll mention: Sci Show.

Probably not new to anybody but, TED is pretty great.
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Best answer: Type "full movie" into the YouTube search box and you'll often find interesting things.

Same for "documentary".

Want to watch a British show? Many of them are on YouTube complete, or nearly so. Q.I., Never Mind the Buzzcocks and many others.

I subscribe to many channels on YouTube - College Humor & Cracked for sketch/short-form comedy, Eat Your Kimchi for wacky stuff from South Korea, Geek & Sundry for misc. geeky stuff, for Paul F. Tompkin's interview on Speakeasy, Nerdist, Penny Arcade TV, Polaris (video games), FreezerBurns & SuperTasterDaily for food reviews, The Onion, Weebl's Stuff, Zero Punctuation and Thug Notes.

Oh, and watch the whole Secret Life of Machines series too. Everyone should see that.
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Monty Python
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Best answer: Modern Madcaps
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Best answer: British gardening shows? If you're at all into gardening, I've been enjoying a number of gardening themed shows. Fork to Fork, a six-part series hosted by Monty Don from his amazing garden in Hertfordshire, and The Edible Garden, with Alys Fowler, are both fantastic. They focus on people growing their own food and cooking it, and integrating these activities into regular life. There's others like this, if you enjoy that kind of thing.

There's also a few British "live like the people in the olden days" types of series, that are a lot more interesting than American versions of these programs. One I loved was called Tales from the Green Valley, which was 5 historians/archeologists living for a year like 16th century farmers--the opening titles are a teensy bit cheesy, but the shows are really enjoyable, with none of the cattiness of reality show personality squabble-fests. There are Victorian and Edwardian sequels, too, if you want more.
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Best answer: /r/fullmoviesonyoutube/

Via that a link to Beat the Devil, a B&W Bogart vehicle involving chicanery on the Italian Riviera. Due to a copyright glitch there isn't a DVD release, apparently, that's any better quality. Nothing like his greater work, but if it doesn't transcend genre it certainly fully embodies it.

There's also the "auto-generated" short film topic.
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