What other exercises can I do with this pole with straps?
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I got this pilates bar with straps on it from Danskin last year, and it is the bomb diggity. I normally hook my feet into the loops on the bottom part of the strap and do arm or core stuff, like little bicep or tricep curls. What other things should I try with it? Also, is there a better name for it? If I knew exactly what it was called I'd probably have better luck googling for it...
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Response by poster: Oh, and if someone is a genius: How can I tighten the straps?

(I'm sorry, I got the thing from Walmart and didn't notice the box (with the directions???? and I guess a DVD????) was obvs open and tampered with. At the time I was too excited to return it.:( )
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Here is one workout on youTube.
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