Basically, a bigger Pom Pom Opera
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I quite like cheap cigarillos. Help me find a more substantial cigar to enjoy as a treat.

I enjoy smoking Pom Pom Operas. I like their sweetness and their mildness. Part of this may be related to the fact that I have never been a cigarette smoker.

I would like to find a more complex proper cigar that I also enjoy. I'm in Canada, so I have easy access to Cubans. Suggestions?

I have tried Romeo y Julieta #2s and found them enjoyable, but not quite as good as a Pom Pom, which seems like a poor justification for a $10 smoke. I have tried and not enjoyed Bravos and Chubs.
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I've only tried a few brands, as I don't smoke cigars often, but my favorite is Onyx -- and specifically, the Onyx Robusto.

They're not all that expensive (I usually buy a single in-store for about $7.00-$8.00 USD).
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You could try some of the smaller Upmann's range. Shouldn't be too expensive but I have no experience of the Canadian cigar market (I just wish I could get RyJ #2 for that amount).
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