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Is Eileen Brennan the only person to be nominated for an Oscar and Emmy for playing the same role?

(She won the Emmy - as well as the TV Golden Globe for portraying Captain Lewis in the TV series adaptation of the film Private Benjamin, for which she was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress. I feel like this little piece of trivia is something that, if true, should be easily Google-able but I may be the only person who cares.)
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Best answer: Jose Ferrer and Mildred Dunnock, according to this link. (Neither came from my brain, alas.)
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Best answer: Cliff Robertson is another (for Charlie Gordon).
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Best answer: Barbara Barrie was nominated for both an Oscar and an Emmy for the same role in the film and tv versions of Breaking Away.
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Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday?
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oh sorry i was thinking tony not emmy, ignore that
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody. I thought there might be an answer from an anthology series adapting movies or plays (like the first two answers), but was also thinking about someone from more traditional TV series adaptations, like Barbara Barrie.

Fun related additional trivia: Barrie also played Private Judy Benjamin's mother in the movie and an episode of the TV show.
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