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I recently got the opportunity to direct a commercial! Yay!!! Now the bad news: I've been working a mind-numbing retail job for the last eight months, and have had few opportunities to do anything creative (outside of writing a screenplay). Help me re-enliven my inner creative spark.

What would help most is if you could link me to your best sources of inspiration. My goal is to find something inspiring everyday, whether it be film, photography, painting, music, whatever - just something to jigger my mind loose and open doors that hadn't been opened. One resource I've found that's really cool is Short of the Week for great short films; another would be The Real Art of Street Art, which has consistently amazing street art.
Stereogum is my go-to place for new music, and for music videos generally.

Hive mind - recommend me your sources of inspiration! It can be a facebook feed or twitter account, a website, a blog, or an online magazine - recommend away. I'd love to see what sources of inspiration you guys come up with.

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I love the photos of Humans of New York and the stories the subjects tell.
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Oblique Strategies
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I have been watching Ebert's Great Movies and all that they lead me to.

I also read the small free publications in my town, everything I can get my hands on. The smaller the better. 99% boring 1% wow!
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Twisted Shifter has a little bit of everything photograph-wise. I particularly like their weekly Shirk Report for funny stuff.

I also like looking through random videos on youtube. For example, this music video I found aftre an hour's clicking through recommended videos in the sidebar is so much fun.
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Don't forget to give yourself regular 'thinking time' - time when you're not researching or garnering or planning and maybe it feels like you're doing nothing. Do this as a discipline with timed sessions. Aim to relax during as with yoga or running. Stay awake.

(I like to call this Far-Fetching after Ursula Le Guin.)
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Recommended to me in a previous thread, Colossal routinely astounds me. I expect you'll find something inspiring there.
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