Any experience with font browsing and tagging?
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Does anyone know of a font organizer that might tag fonts or sort them?

I have 5,000 in 3 directories. I'd like to either:

a) Have a tool that will allow me to easily browse my collection and tag them "Script, display, 60's era" or

b)Easily browse them and organize them in a cascading directory tree
....└60's era

Currently I use Extensis font suitcase, and it's just not up to the task.
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I started using Linotype FontExplorer X this week after Jason Santa Maria posted about it. No cascading directory trees, I think, but you can make smart sets fairly easily.
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I was going to recommend FontExplorer X as well but I haven't had a chance to install or use it. Lia, spread the knowledge. Any problems with the software as of yet?
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Response by poster: I'm, installing this one on my machine, I think I'll give it a go, see how it works.

It's been compared to apple itunes, I would wish it had an auto organize folders, like itunes does.
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Total Commander has been recommended to me for managing my fonts, though I have not yet tried it. What I was told: "One of the general functions is the ability to add comment fields to each separate file, which can be practical in some cases. In addition to its general functionality, there are loads of plugins available, among them a font viewer... [it] is not a replacement for a full-fledged font manager, but for the day-to-day functions, it is now my default application."
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Response by poster: Linotype FontExplorer X is crap. I can't add my own fonts and it only shows a catalogue of fonts to buy.
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I can't add my own fonts

I added a few hundred fonts to my system after installing it, so perhaps you're doing something wrong? All I have to do to install a font is drag it (or a folder containing it) onto the FontExplorer X in the dock and voila, installed.
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Response by poster: oh, i have the old PC version. I guess i'll have to wait till they put the new one on PC
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