Cost effective way to enclose the rear or an open garage
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My partner and I have just moved into a new rental in South Australia. It has a double garage with electric roller doors on the front. We want to use this space for storage and the landlord has agreed to let us enclose the rear and the open side (between the side fence and the roof). Originally I was thinking cafe blinds, but now I'm wondering if that will be too costly. We are getting a quote next week. If it turns out to be over our budget, which is not really set but probably around the $1,000 mark, what else could work to enclose the garage? Thanks.
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We'll need dimensions if we're to approach a budget.
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What sorts of things were you planning on storing? Would they need to be insured? I'm having a hard time thinking of ways to enclose a carport on a rental property which would be weatherproof, insurable, and also more cost-effective than using a self-storage facility (of course depending on where you are in SA, that may not be an option). Are you in Adelaide, or a regional centre, or up the country?
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