Is this an actual dress that's available to buy (or is it custom-made)?
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I am looking for the dress worn by the character "Ruth" in the Pedro Almodóvar film I'm So Excited. Is this dress (same style and fabric) available for purchase? [link to photo of dress inside]

To my fashion-uneducated eyes, the dress looks like a summer dress with a beautiful flower print. Although you can't see it in the photo, the straps in the back are shaped like a "greater than" and a "less than" ( >< ), with a button that then holds them together where they overlap (it looks like × when buttoned)

Here is the link to the image.

So, what do you think? Is it buyable, have you seen it for sale? Or do you think it was custom-made for the film? And if custom-made, have you ever seen this particular pattern/fabric for sale?

(anonymous so I might buy this as a gift for someone who might otherwise see the question linked to my account)
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Not sure about that particular dress, but the style looks like an updated version of the 1950's fit and flare sundress. It came back again in the 1980's, the white cotton broadcloth with big floral prints were very popular.

Some similar styles at Modcloth.
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Here's an interesting article about the design choices for I'm So Excited.

Here's a link to Davidelfin's site in Spain.
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I'd call the number at the bottom of the webpage they may be able to get the dress made for you. FYI, if you're non-EU, you get a 20% discount (VAT) so there's that.
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It's a Dolce & Gabanna dress! 600 pounds at this shop.
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