Help me find this documentary about a kindly abortion doctor!
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Maybe ten years ago at a Green Festival in SF my mom and I saw a documentary about a small town doctor, probably in upstate New York or some other part of New England, who gave safe abortions to women even though they were illegal, starting in at least the 1950s. My mom thinks the title was "Thank You, Doctor ------", but can't remember the name. This is bugging her, as she actually had an abortion with him back then. He saved hundreds of lives, but of course when I google search I end up with lots of anti-abortion propaganda. Can someone more skilled with searching help us out? It was a very small production. Thanks!
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Best answer: Dear Doctor Spencer.
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Best answer: Ahh I was just coming to say Dear Dr. Spencer- for future reference, I used an advanced search on IMDB for documentaries about abortion released before 2006.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, that must be it! I'll check with my mom tomorrow.
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Response by poster: Yup, and thanks MadamM for the tip!
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