ISO Aviator sunglasses with red lenses
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Where can I get aviator sunglasses with (actually) red lenses?

I used to have a great pair and, as sunglasses do, they departed from my life whichever way. Since, I have ordered "red" sunglasses on Amazon 3 times and searched everywhere else I know of with no luck.

Google insists that I either want red frames or that perhaps I really don't want red at all (you know how it goes). That is why I took it to the hive.

As for price, these should run on the cheap I would think (<$20?), but then again, they have become so rare, so lay it on me. Thanks
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Response by poster: oh, just a note: the ones I've gotten from vendors on the three times I mentioned, they were purple, then orange-brown twice. When I check reviews for new items listed (and pictured!) as red sunglasses, other customers warn of the same thing.
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These look pretty red.
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These reviews suggest that these red glasses are indeed red. Are they among the ones you've tried?
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Response by poster: contraption- it looks like we may have a winner there. reviews are split down the middle, so I don't know whether there's a pool of product that is only partially true to the description, but I'll stake six bucks on it I guess. :-/
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I'm sure if you go to zenni optical you can get some aviators and customize the lens color for less than 20.
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I priced out red tinted no scrip aviators from optical4less and came up with a $37 price. The advantage of getting them from an optical place would be better quality frames and your choice of lens material.
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