Animal lover and digital marketing job
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An animal lover with deep experience in digital marketing needs help turning passion into proffession.

Ok. I need some input here as I am trying to figure this out. I love animals and abhor animal abuse and cruelty. I have spent 7 years in digital marketing working for large software company, have an MBA.

I find myself more advocating and looking up and signing animal cruelty petitions than doing my work. I want to turn my passion into a job.

What would you creative folks suggest job options for someone with my qualifications in the arena I am interested in?
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Why not position yourself as a consultant with interest/expertise in the animal rights/advocacy arena? Clients could be as big as PETA or as small as a local rescue group. In fact, if you wanted to get some experience in the sector to prove yourself, you could do some pro bono work for small groups.
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At my zoo, the marketing team takes care of pictures, press releases, social media, and a slew of other things like billboards, radio, and television advertisements. The revenue the marketing team brings allows us to take care of our animals and devote resources to conservation campaigns both domestic and abroad.

The graphics team is who makes the signage around the zoo and makes people care about endangered animals, and convinces them of ways to help like not supporting the palm oil industry or only buying sustainable seafood. I am sure marketing has some say in what these signs are supposed to convey.

However, some people think zoos are cruel. I am sure other organizations like PETA also have extensive needs for people who know about marketing, especially as evidenced by their often effective (in that everyone notices) ad campaigns.

The USDA regulates things like the meat industry, and compliance with their rules is generally less stressful to the animals (and benefits the government because less time fixing mistakes). I am sure they somehow market that to the people in the business, and by working in a capacity like that you would have a direct impact on reducing animal cruelty.
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Various Humane Societies around the US seem to be hiring for various positions.
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Not sure where you're located or where you'd move to, but Best Friends Animal Society is my favorite animal organization. Their sanctuary is in southern Utah, right near Zion National Park - they have cabins you can rent for a volunteering vacation if you're interested in checking it out (you can take dogs and cats on overnights in your cabin). They're currently looking for a Senior Manager of Online Strategy either in Utah or remotely.
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Not marketing and also unpaid, but perhaps start out as a volunteer photographer for an animal shelter? For dogs that don't photograph well, your creative skills in Photoshop (or ability to make them at ease in taking pictures) could be their ticket to a forever home.
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