Flagellation question
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A person is to be punished by hundreds of lashes in Saudi Arabia. How, specifically, is the punishment carried out?

My question was sparked by the recent sentencing of a man in Saudi Arabia to 7 years in prison and 600 lashes (link).

I find the number of lashes to be astoundingly high. I have read that often the lashes will be divided into several days, with periods of rest interspersed to allow time to heal. But even so, I find the amount to be difficult to comprehend.

I would like to know how often a portion of the sentence is commuted. Or, if this isn't the case, how, specifically, is the sentence executed in practice? How many years would it take to complete? What normally happens to the prisoner during this period of time?
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My understanding is that lashing sentences like that are usually significantly reduced. Fifty lashes can kill a person; 600, even over a few days, is a death sentence, as far as I know.
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Best answer: Slate covered this.
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I used to live in Malaysia, and they had something similar. Although, the phrase used in Malaysia is caning (wikipedia article). The procedure is probably the same, or same-ish.
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It would matter a lot exactly what instrument was used.
Does anyone know the specs of a Saudi lash?
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