Pssst--wanna buy a t-shirt? Know anything about making/selling them?
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Is there anyone in MeFi-land who runs a small--or not-so-small--online-based T-shirt/printed garment business who has experience in DTG/Screen print outsourcing through fulfillment companies? Looking for a company that is friendly to start-ups and/or carries higher quality print blanks…

I've always had intriguing ideas about t-shirt graphics, but I have no desire to go back to being a printer, and I know I don't have the will to build a production facility from scratch. What I would really like is to see if there are people out there that like my ideas enough to wear them, and pay a little money to do so. I'd like to dip my toe in to see if it's even possible, but I don't know anything about the multitude of fulfillment companies out there.

Is there anybody out there that can provide some insight?
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This isn't really my area of expertise (but I'm going to answer anyway). Amplifier is an Austin-based fulfillment company that pops up a bunch on a tech-focused podcasting network I listen to. Their principals sound reasonably sharp and hip and definitely open to working with start ups. They have an on-demand arm (Merchify) that may be what you want. Gildan tees (based on my experience with lots of swag t's from work, these are pretty good) or American Apparel for extra $$.
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You should read about the Planet Money T-shirt. There are a bunch of follow-up posts that explain what they've done so far.
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