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I have recently discovered Attaboy by Yo-Yo Ma and some other peeps. It's beautiful and I love it. Please recommend more music like it.

I listened to the rest of the Goat Rodeo Sessions and unfortunately it just didn't do it for me. Too slow, too boring. There was some chick singing. Nope.

I want strings music that matches the pacing of Attaboy, has a pretty melody, is fun, and is either entirely instrumental or has VERY limited background vocals.

I am already familiar with Pengin Cafe Orchestra; I think a lot of Broadcasting from Home hits the buttons I want hit. But like I said, I'm familiar.

Need moar, plz.

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You might like some of Michael Nyman's work.
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Short Trip Home by Joshua Bell and Edgar Meyer fits the bill. No vocals at all.
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The following check some (but probably not all) of your boxes:
The Vitamin C String Quartet does covers of "pop music." Apocalyptica is a Finnish metal band.... with cellos! Contrary to their name, the Piano Guys play cellos on occasion.
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Kronos Quartet - "El sinaloense"
("El llorar" is amazing, but it has vocals.)
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You might enjoy Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder Instrumentals. No vocals, upbeat tunes, very good stuff.
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When I was listening to that just now, it reminded me a bit of "Secret Story" by Pat Metheny.
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You may want to look into is the string trio Time for Three. Their song "Ecuador" ticks off all your boxes (no stream online I could find), and Of Time and Three Rivers and Orange Blossom Special are also worth a listen. They did a Tiny Desk Concert a couple of days ago.

Also, Yo-Yo Ma has done a couple more classical-leaning bluegrass/folk/etc collaborations with Edgar Meyer and Mark O'Connor, Appalachian Waltz and Appalachian Journey. Tracks from those albums covering some of what you're looking for include 1B, Indecision, and Chief Sitting in the Rain and College Hornpipe. I'm also partial to the choro collaborations he did on Obrigado, especially Brasileirinho, and Cristal.
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That whole Goat Rodeo Sessions album is fantastic. I'd recommend checking out the discographies of all the performers involved (although obviously Yo-Yo's skews classical, he has also done some other things with Edgar Meyer).

You will also like "Chameleons of the White Shadow" from Joseph Tawadros (also featuring Bela)
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