Seeking an app to track housework
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We're looking for an app to streamline our current system. In an effort to curb our chronic clutter, my husband and I have devised a point system for household tasks. We earn points collectively (not in competition with one another), and redeem them for mutually enjoyable activities and purchases (a dinner out, a 6-pack, a trip to a museum, etc). We've been keeping track of points on paper, which is a bit tedious and generates a little clutter itself. It's also easy to forget if we marked points for a completed job, as we a just using hash marks to expedite point tracking.

We are looking for an app that meets the following criteria:
Available on android
Allows us to assign point values to tasks
Includes a system for redeeming points
Allows us view tasks recently completed, but keeps completed tasks on the to do list (for example, we don't want Wash One Load Laundry to disappear after we complete it, as we still have 5 loads left and will have more tomorrow in all likelihood).
Allows us to work as a team to accrue points. We do not want to keep track of who gets more points, as the goal is a neat, peaceful home, not bragging rights).

I've googled around and found a few apps that are designed for distributing chores to children or roommates but that isn't what we are looking for. I'm guessing that the best app for us might not be specifically geared toward housekeeping, but I haven't come up the right search terms to find what we need.
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We use iRewardChart for our kids and it's available on Android. It fits all your criteria, though geared a bit more toward kids, and has options to add your own chores, rewards, etc.
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Whoops, reading fail. I still think it's a good option to look into, though.
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Chore Wars is a website, but should be accessible from your phone. I'm not sure if it'll do the team aspect, but I think it does the other requests.
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I immediately thought of Joesgoals but looks like there's not an Android app. However, Googling joesgoals + android app turned up some promising results like GoalTracker and HabitStreak? If those aren't it, at least they're probably a good jumping-off point for further searches.

Or, skip the app part and use Joe's Goals on your computer. It's pretty awesome.
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