Good / Cheap sunglasses online
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Do such things exist? I was thinking $35-50 (cheaper would be better). Any recommendations for online stores?
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I just bought my first pair of prescription regular glasses from Zenni Optical and couldn't be more pleased. From what friends have said, I trust that their sunglasses are as awesome.
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I like Blue Blocker sunglasses.
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I bought these from Amazon three months ago and they've been great so far. I had some that were similar from the Fossil store that were just fine until they got sat on and I couldn't get them back into shape. They looked like these but the lenses were polarized (a must for me) and they were only $50 when I bought them.
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i like knockarounds
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I've gotten some nice polarized sunglasses from costco recently for $40 that i really like, but they don't have a lot of choice, and you need a membership.
In previous years i have picked up sunglasses from the cheap rack @ LL bean that were pretty good for $20, but LL bean stores are even fewer than costco.
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I just got these and am very happy with the lens quality. Plus, they are the real original aviators that pilots used which makes me feel cool.
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I have gotten a lot of good sunglasses at big box stores by always making sure to get polarized lenses. They'll be around $20 at a store like that, which is the high end for sunglasses at Walmart. There may not always be a style that works for you. But that has been my go to for years now.
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I've got a pair of SBK sunglasses, and I love them: very lightweight, with polarized lenses, cost me about $50, have been taking the abuse pretty well for about a year now. They don't seem to have much of an organized web presence, here is a pair on Amazon.
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Nthing the AO sunglasses that rmless linked. They're great, but if you're beardy I should warn you to not hang them from the neck of your shirt, because they will grab hair.
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Another vote for Knockarounds. I've been wearing mine for a couple years and they still look great. And they are so cheap you can buy as many styles as you want!
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I've got a great pair of 80s deadstock polarized shades that I got from Meister on Etsy, where pretty much everything's under 30 bucks.
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