Need Help IDing Childhood Televised Nightmare Fuel
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Two late night, basic cable TV/movie scenes, one involving death in front of children, and the other depicting the death of a child. Morbid details inside.

Flipping through the channels during a weekend sleepover several years ago, I remember seeing two disturbing scenes for what I think were two separate movies that even now I think are legitimately scary. Some of the details are sketchy. I have no idea what to Google.

1. Picture it: the patio or lawn just outside of a large, Downton-esque mansion, possibly (probably) in England. I think it's a child's birthday party; there are lots of children and long tables.

A woman, possibly dressed in maid/nanny attire, is standing on either the roof or a balcony on the upper floors and she calls out to one of the children (the birthday boy?) on the ground. When she gets everyone's attention, she yells (paraphrasing) "This is for you! I'm doing this for you!" and jumps off. There's a long rope around her neck and she hangs herself; she may or may not have also crashed through a lower floor window after swinging around. Anyways, this all plays out in full view of the kids and they run screaming as she just sort of dangles there.

2. Similar setting, outside of a multi-storied mansion building. A youngish boy is running from (something) when he sees a big concrete (Gargoyle? probably) falling from the roof and heading right for him. He stands there screaming as it comes down and crushes him. Then, roll credits.

I'd love to know the context behind these scenes.
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Best answer: 1 is Damien the Omen.
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Best answer: The first is from "The Omen, do a search for "The Omen" hanging and you will see the scene on you tube.
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Response by poster: Well, that was fast! Guess I never had the gumption to search it on YouTube. #1 is resolved. Thanks guys!
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Best answer: I see I've been beaten to #1, but #2 is Burnt Offerings.
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Response by poster: Awesome. It was even filmed in my hometown (Oakland)! Not sure how I feel about that. Time to check these out and not sleep at night, again.

Admiral, bottlebrushtree, Faint of Butt, you guys are scholars.
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