Science Fiction Book set in Boston/Cambridge Involving a Volcano Crater
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Help me find this science fiction book set in Boston involving a volcano crater. A long time ago, I read the first chapter of a science fiction book set in Boston and Cambridge where the premise was that the greater Boston area was located on an extinct volcano crater. For the life of me, I can't remember its title, and Google is failing me.

On the first couple of pages, there was a large map of the greater Boston area showing the outline of a volcano crater roughly contiguous with route 128. The first chapter of the story involved a young college dropout making his living as a sysadmin or programmer living in Cambridge in the shadow of MIT and shopping at the used clothing store "The Garment District." Does this book ring any bells to anyone?
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Was it Strong Motion by Jonathan Franzen?
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I do not know your book, but the idea that The Garment District somehow survives a volcano is hilarious.
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In the early '90s, there was a loosely affiliated 'shared world' series of books about "Future Boston", which included at least David Alexander Smith's In the Cube and his shared-world anthology Future Boston.

I haven't read them, but the anthology (at least) has maps of "future Boston", so that might the book you're remembering....

Table of Contents:

Map: Boston in 1772
"Boston will sink, claims MIT prof" / David Alexander Smith
Map: Boston in 1990
Seeing the edge / Sarah Smith
Momads / Alexander Jablokov
Projects / Geoffrey A. Landis
Dying in hull / David Alexander Smith
Map: Boston in 2014
The elephant-ass thing / Jon Burrowes
The parade / Steven Popkes
Seating arrangement / Alexander Jablokov
The uprising / Jon Burrowes
Fennario / Resa Nelson and Sarah Smith
Topology of the loophole / Geoffrey A. Landis
Not for broadcast / Steven Popkes
When the Phneri Fell / David Alexander Smith
Map: Boston in 2030
Playing chess with the bishop / Steven Popkes and David Alexander Smith.Letter to the editor / Alexander Jablokov
Who is venture capital? / David Alexander Smith
IPOB dining hall procedures / Alexander Jablokov
So you want to meet the bishop? / Steven Popkes
Camomile and crimson; or, thetale of the Brahmin's wife / Geoffrey A. Landis
The test / Steven Popkes
The place of no shadows / Alexander Jablokov
Map: Boston in 2050
The lady of Port Moresby incident / Alexander Jablokov
Three Boston artists / Sarah Smith
Focal plane / Alexander Jablokov
Ye citizens of Boston / Sarah Smith
Map: Boston 2061
The adoption / Alexander Jablokov
WereWhereWear / Alexander Jablokov
Sail away / David Alexander Smith.
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I know this was late, but this is definitely In the Cube. Great collection.
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