Name kids movie with a (maybe) hook handed villian.
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My brothers are trying to figure out the name of a movie they saw when they were kids (in the early 90's), their description: A kid searches for a crystal (or diamond) using clues (or one clue) written on a scroll hidden inside a hollow cross, and is being pursued by a villian with a hook (or possibly a peg leg). They said it's not animated, and not a muppet/puppet movie (i.e. not the dark crystal). Any ideas?
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Hook? With Robin Williams?
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Could it be this Young Indiana Jones movie where Indy is searching for a diamond using a map and is pursued by someone with one eye and maybe pirate are involved?
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Response by poster: They say they don't think it's actually piratey despite the fact that the only thing they remember about the villain is that he has some pirate schtick (they say it could be one eye). They also remember a scene in a cave, where the bad guy suddenly appears, if that helps any.
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Based on your update, could it possibly be the Goonies?
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I'm going through the movie on YouTube and there is indeed a cave/underground temple scene where the bad guy with the eye patch suddenly appears, but that's common to every adventure movie, I guess.

On preview, I guess Goonies does make sense.
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I recently watched The Goonies. I don't know if it is the movie you are looking for, but I can provide details. (Also spoilers - please be aware).

The kids are looking for a pirate ship that was hidden in a cave. There are four kids who are all weirdos in some way: one talks too much, one is overweight, one has crazy inventions like Inspector Gadget, and the main character has asthma. They are joined in their adventure by the main character's older brother and two teenage girls.

They have a map that they found in an attic - it was framed like a picture. The bad guys are three criminals (a crochety mother and two bumbling sons) that they bump into at a creepy closed restaurant the map leads them to; they go from the basement of the restaurant underground into a series of tunnels and caves. There is also a third son who has birth defects but is actually quite gentle and helps them in the end.

The tunnels lead them to an underwater lake, where there is the pirate ship. All of the pirates are skeletons on the ship, including the main pirate, "One-eyed Willy", who has an eyepatch. (I so didn't get the joke when I was 8). They find the treasure, but the criminals catch up with them. They abandon the treasure to get out safely. The criminals set off a booby trap and the cave starts to collapse - and the ship sails away.

This doesn't really match the details you've given, but I thought it might help either trigger some memories or confirm that it's not the right film.
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Response by poster: No not Goonies, I should have said that earlier (it was the first thing I asked them!).
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It's a stretch, but it reminds me of a Tintin book, The Secret of the Unicorn. It has a scroll in what could be remembered as a cross (it's the mast from a model ship), diamonds, a cave, and I think that early in the series Tintin was still being described as a "boy detective." There were some filmed versions made.
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Best answer: "crystalstone"?

Brother and sister who are orphans? End up on a search with some unsavory dude who turns out to be their long last dad? And the cave is under a waterfall? The mom's name was Isabella?

That's Crystalstone. I saw it once as a kid and it's never left me.
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Response by poster: That's it! Awesome! Thanks all :)
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