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Where in Australia can I buy Opici Bianco in the fish shaped bottle?

A friend fell in love with a bottle she found, and it turns out to be from a common/affordable Italian wine. So now I would like to gift her the actual wine... but I can't find it anywhere!

It must have the fish bottle, but I've had no joy searching for it here. I would happily order it from overseas but can't seem to find anywhere that ships internationally.
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I can't find the wine on sale in Oz at all, and I used various methods, including Australian-based wine search engines. At $8.99 or so retail it's not really an attractive import for distributors. Opici's site lists no Australian distributors. But I guess you've found that too.

Ebay has in the past listed Opici bottles for sale. But look at the cost - bearing in mind virtual parity between Aussie and US$, it was $30 including postage.
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