Alternative interface for browsing Kickstarter?
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Kickstarter's arbitrary categories (staff picks, recently funded, etc) seem not to let me look at what I want to look at. I just want to be able to do what the link at the front says: 'See all 318 Games projects'. Except I just want tabletop games, and I want to be able to sort them how I want: oldest, newest, most pledges, about to end, whatever. Is there something online that does this? An app, perhaps? Or am I missing something completely about the existing interface? (To be clear, I am not looking for an alternative to Kickstarter. I just want to look at Kickstarter differently.)
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Best answer: Not missing anything I know of, the current interface kinda stinks in this regard.

I can highly recommend . It was started specifically for this complaint among table top gamers. It isn't necessarily comprehensive, and includes other categories, but in my experience does pretty well. You can sort to see just Tabletop Games.
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Best answer: Try Kickspy.

Here is a search for all live projects in Tabletop games sorted by newest first.
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Response by poster: Perfect - thanks!
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