Speeding Up Ira Glass
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I listen to podcasts at 2X speed. I'd like to listen to the This American Life archive the same way, but the online player doesn't seem to support it. Is there any way to force the Flash player to do this, or am I stuck at regular speed?
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You can download last week's TAL from their podcast download, to your own podcast player. You can probably play it at 2x there?
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Also last I checked you can just plain download ALL the episodes, you just have to figure out the format of the link.
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I use Downcast on my iphone and it has options to change the speed.
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Response by poster: So to clarify, I have no issue with listening to the current episodes. However, the back episodes are not available for download (not for free, anyway), and so I'm mostly curious about altering playback within a flash player.
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If there is an alternative HTML player, you could try this tip
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The back episodes actually are available for download. NPR doesn't really do much to prevent you from getting them.
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