What are some good online resources for conversational Spanish?
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I'm assuming Google+ would be a good resource, but are there any notable sites or service on the interwebs to converse with a native Spanish speaker?
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Response by poster: Also, if it's relevant: I only have a couple years worth of speaking Spanish in high school.
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Try LiveMocha.com. They have lessons that work sort of like Rosetta Stone (to the best of my understanding, that is - never tried RS), and part of the program is the ability to talk to others who are fluent/native in the language you're studying. It's free, though there are options to pay for additional services.
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Duolingo especially if you have a mobile device.
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I have friends who have used verbling and like it a lot.
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A podcast: Coffee Break Spanish
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On Facebook there's a group anyone can join called Lenguajero. Lots of people there get together on Skype for intercambios (chatting half the time in English and half in Spanish). Seems like there are more Spanish speakers looking for partners so you might be a prized commodity. Also on the same group you can write particular questions and someone will answer, people are pretty helpful there.

Other potential sources to find people are



www.italki.com (both for free exchanges or low-cost tutoring)
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