Best places in Montreal to check out the skateboarding scene?
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My 10-year-old son would like to watch some good skateboarding in action. Where in Montreal is best?

Longboarding is best, but all forms welcome.
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Best answer: I don't know if it's the best, but there's a lot of skateboard action on the roof of Pie IX metro (east end of the city).
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Best answer: If you're over at Pie-IX (pronounced pee-nuf) you need to go further into the Olympic park too, and find the fabled full pipe-half pipe that was never intended for skateboarding – shown here.

Item from 2005, couple of indoor facilities here. There's an outdoor skate park in Jarry Park (close to the north end) that isn't mentioned anywhere but which I see getting a workout all the time.

Alanah Heffez wrote about seeing like a skateboarder in 2010 – do read this, because it explains how and where skateboarding is illegal, including some of the outdoor spaces mentioned on other lists.
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Best answer: Might be late for this. I hadn't realized the Big O locale was not available earlier this summer, but it's reopening now after being moved for the enlargement of the soccer stadium.
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