Blogs with a sense of place?
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What I'm looking for are personal blogs that give a sense of the town the blogger is living in. Ideally, the focus should be mostly on the place but with details about the author as well.

I know that a lot of personal blogs give a little bit of attention to place but I'm looking for ones that put a lot of focus on the town--a sort of "personal guide to my town." I'd like to get a sense of different cities but I also like to hear personal stories.

For instance, Curbed LA and Gothamist are good examples of blogs that give a a lot of good information about their respective cities, but there's no personal information. A blog like Garance Dore gives a sense of New York as well as Garance herself, but the focus is mainly on fashion and photography.

I don't have a good example but I'm looking for a personal blog with a lot of details about the town itself--restaurants, culture, events, art, street fashion, shops, day in the life. The city/town is not important, so blogs from anywhere in the world would do. Any ideas?
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Fragments From Floyd

Its small town VA, and mostly about the author's personal acres and not the town. I've been reading it for 10 years.
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I have always enjoyed this blog about the London tube
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40 Going On 28 is an excellent San Francisco blog with lots of personal stuff from the author.
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I'm going to plug Bill Hess' "Logbook Wasilla"

Hess is an amazing documentary photographer known for his decades of work with Alaska Native communities. But he lives in Wasilla, Alaska -- yes that Wasilla, but you won't recognize it for all the decent, eccentric, interesting locals on whom Hess reports regularly, along with a healthy dose of natural beauty, an eye for the absurd, and occasional jaunts to India with his wife's family, along with regular and justly famous visual reports from the IƱupiat communities of the North Slope.

Or actually, it's two blogs. When he moved to the current one, he left up its older version, which is here as an archive.
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The Gossips of Rivertown is a great example of this. Chronicling the local politics, flora and fauna, and gossip of a small city in the Hudson Valley.
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While it covers a district rather than just one town, I think Made in Kachchh might fit what you are looking for. It's personal stories, stories picked up along the way, as well as a lens into a little known part of the world, with great photography.

(Full disclosure - the authors are good friends of mine).
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For Rochester, New York, there's ljcfyi.
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Diamond Geezer. A wonderfully detailed take on London.
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All of them fabulous! Thank you so much!
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Via this week's episode of This American Life, you might like The Real Housewife of Ciudad Juarez.
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