Vintage shopping and foodie heavens in Dresden, Germany
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This is a tripartite question, actually. Where to go in Dresden for: 1) Vintage clothing (not "antique stores," but if the only vintage is to be found in antique stores that'll do); 2) French hair products (see below); 3) genuinely good but inexpensive local cafes and restos?

I'll be in Dresden for 13 days at the end of August. There isn't much on the internet about these things—do my fellow MeFites have any suggestions?

1) I looove vintage shopping. The most I've found on the internet about vintage shopping/stores in Dresden are either to go to antique stores (yawn), this place, and this somewhat helpful paragraph. What neighborhoods, and/or what specific vintage clothing stores do you recommend?

2) This might be harder. I am in love with this Nutri-extrême richesse masque by Jacques Dessange, but can't get it in the States. Is there any way to get French stuff while in Dresden?

3) I'll be staying in the Aussere Neustadt, but working in the Innere Alstadt. Are all the little local restaurants and cafes good enough to just wander into, or any that I should particularly go for, or conversely, avoid? Any favorite restaurants you could point me to?
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Best answer: I think you want a flea market (Flohmarkt). I don't know about clothing, or Dresden, but the flea markets I've been to in other East German cities are overflowing with vintage stuff. Did you check Toytown Germany?
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Best answer: I live and work in Dresden. To say there's not much on the Internet about these things might be stating things a bit broadly. There's lots on the Internet about what you are looking for, but most of it is not in English.

All the action is in the Äußere Neustadt. The main ped-heavy street is the Alaunstraße, which runs north-south. It crosses the Louisenstraße, which runs east-west. If you go a bit east on the Louisenstraße, you meet the Görlitzer Straße. There is a Tram line here (usually the 13, but as there is track construction the line has been shortened and is temporarily called the 43). What restaurants are good depends on what you like. I like Indian and Middle Eastern food; there's Jaipur (Louisenstraße 59) for Indian, and a Syrian restaurant I liked further east (sorry, I can't remember the name, walk the Louisenstraße east until you're almost at the Prießnitzstraße, it will be on your right). There is delightful little beer garden "Backstage" at the corner of the Louisenstraße and Prießnitzstraße, it's right on the Prießnitz river.

In summary, there is a ridiculous number of restaurants here and your best bet is to walk around and try things out.

There are art studios and handcraft clothing stores too, I noticed a few in the Görlitzer Straße, or in the Louisenstraße between Alaunstraße and Görlitzer. Do not waste your time in the Königsstraße unless you are loaded -- stay in the Äußere Neustadt. Walk around, there is too much to list here. There used to be a second-hand place called Too Much (Martin-Luther Straße 11) but I don't know if it's still around. Try the Humana, too. Talk to people you meet, especially in the clothing stores. People create a lot of their own stuff, there's a vibrant artistic culture here.

Unfortunately, I can't help you with the French hair products.
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Best answer: Do you like organic/vegetarian restaurants? If so, go to Brenn Nessel.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! I did try Toytown but seemed to be more about news; I'll search again. Thanks rhombus and medusa for your suggestions as well! I can't wait.
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Best answer: Too Much sadly closed earlier this year but B&B on Alaunstraße is still open, the link next to "Vorgeschmack" sends you to a couple of interior shots.

Here's a list of some flea markets in the near future. There's the Elbeflohmarkt right next to the Albert Bridge and the one on Hauptstraße is in the Innere Neustadt. Clicking on "Karte" will take you to Google maps for the exact location.

I'm not a foodie but if you're close to the Altmarkt (in the Innere Altstadt), the cakes and pastries at Cafe Dreißig right next to the church are pretty nice. aha Cafe is right around the corner. It's a combined fair trade kind of shop and cafe with seasonal mostly organic/vegi type of food.

I agree that Neustadt is an awesome place to explore and just find something that speaks to you, but I'd like to throw in a vote for Planwirtschaft.

And yeah, sorry, couldn't find a source for the hair stuff either.
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Response by poster: Thank you, pishposh! I really appreciate the links and suggestions--even the suggestion to just walk around. I don't speak German so this will be kind of hard for me, but nonetheless a fun adventure (at least I know my Guten Tag and bitte and danke and ein bier—just the important stuff, right?).
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Best answer: Don't miss the good coffee and awesome pastries at Charlottes Enkel! Not in Neustadt, but close to the 'Blaues Wunder' bridge across the Elbe. From Altstadt, tram number 4 will take you there (it's at the Schillerplatz stop).

No idea about the hair care products, either.
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