Can Kindle Paperwhite handle RSS Readers?
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I don't own a Kindle Paperwhite yet but I do read a lot off my rss reader (currently using feedly). In an ideal world I'd be able to read my rss feed on an e-ink screen. Can the Paperwhite do this well?

I had a Kindle, the ($79) one, and I'm pretty certain the wifi was slow and the browser too clunky to to use it as an rss reader. I know the Paperwhite would be able to open the RSS feed site but if it's also slow and laggy it wouldn't make the purchase worth it to me.

I'm not opposed to rooting the device if there's an app someone developed out there!
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Best answer: Instapaper solves all your problems,

You save articles you want to read with Instapaper, using either a bookmarklet, or a button in Feedly.

They then get sent to your Kindle, and you can mark them as read on the Kindle, it works seamlessly.

If there is an RSS feed where you want every article on your Kindle, you can use IFTTT to make a 'recipe' that does that automatically. You could also use IFTTT to automatically put all of your "Save for Later" feedly items into Instapaper.
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The browser on the Paperwhite is...not great. I just tried to use Feedly and I can't even login. Maybe it can't deal with being forwarded to Google's authentication system?

I do use Instapaper on my Paperwhite all the time, like chrispy108 suggested, and it's great. Usually I browse articles from an RSS reader on my phone, send them to my Instapaper account, and then bulk download them on the Kindle later.
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There's also the Readability "Send to Kindle" Chrome app - I browse articles on my feed reader, then send the long ones to the Kindle with the app. I think there are bookmarklets for other browsers too.
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The Paperwhite browser isn't better than the old Kindle's. Using Instapaper / Readability to format RSS articles does sound like a good idea, until you go to click a URL in one of the stories you're reading and you're back to the crappy browser.
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I don't have a Kindle but I do use Instapaper. I've just started using Inoreader for my rss and it has an option to link it to an Instapaper account so you can send articles to Instapaper right from the rss reader. It's so much better than using the bookmarklet.
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Or you can install Calibre on your computer, set up your blogs/sites as "news" sources, and load them up however often you want. Lots of pre-configured sources - 432 in non-country-specific English, for example.
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I use Amazon's Send to Kindle button in Firefox and it works well.
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