Seattle-centric, experiential or consumable wedding gift?
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My brother and his boyfriend are getting married in two weeks. What Seattle-area experiences/meals would be appropriate for two tech-y, slightly bookish vegan gay guys in their early 30s? I'd rather give an experience (or consumables) than a thing; they probably have enough things. Budget tops out at $250ish.

They have lived in Seattle (Capitol Hill) for about a year and LOVE it, and have done most of the standard touristy things already. They like good vegan food and outdoorsy stuff if someone else plans it. Is there a great higher-end restaurant with good vegan options that I could get them out to as a treat? Maybe paired with fancy craft cocktails somewhere nicer than they'd usually go? A membership to someplace neat I wouldn't know about? Locally distilled, small-batch...something? Ideas?
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Ooh, they would love Plum. They are all vegan, very yummy, and have an excellent brunch in addition to other meals.
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I dont' know how they work with vegan diets, but The Herbfarm is a totally amazing experience. It's what I did to celebrate getting my PhD. It may be a bit over your budget for two. (OK, more poking, and it's *definitely* over your budget---it looks like it's $282 for one. Guess the prices have gone up in the 10 years since I was there).

But it's a totally amazing Seattle-area experience.

They say: "Let us know of any allergies or dietary concerns when you make your reservation. With notice, the chefs can prepare substitutions to satisfy most dietary needs. Please keep in mind that since we cook only with in-season foods from the Pacific Northwest, each menu is designed as a progressive “story” in 9 courses. It might be challenging, for example, to eliminate all seafood from “The Chambers of the Sea” or to create an interesting 9-course vegan menu during the winter “Hunter’s Table” cycle."

So that's promising on the vegan front.

On a less-expensive note, Clear Creek Distillery's McCarthy's Whiskey is supposed to be quite good; I don't know, because they don't ship it out of the Pacific NW (and Alaska apparently doesn't count). I've had their plum brandy, and it's quite good if you like that sort of thing.
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If you want old-school Seattle and a real treat, Canlis will do a vegan tasting menu with a bit of notice. The vegetarian tasting menu is listed at $105/pp; I suspect a vegan option would run about the same. Wine and cocktail will, of course, add to the cost, but are worth it.

You can get a gift card online, though I do recommend calling the restaurant directly, as they are lovely to talk to and can help you sort it all very kindly.
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Experiential stuff:
* Fire and Earth Kitchen offers vegan and gluten-free private or group cooking classes; a private class where they will teach up 2 people how to cook 3 dishes is $150
* Moscow Gourmet Kitchen offers Russian vegan cooking classes ("In this class, you will learn how to create a delicious Russian meal, consisting of an appetizer, soup, main course, and dessert, all of which will be 100% vegan" -- !)
* for $50 over your budget, a weekend at Someday Farm Vegan B&B on Whidbey Island (about an hour from Seattle)
* a Theo Chocolate factory tour
* a tour of Pigs Peace Sanctuary and a gift certificate to Vegan Haven (all-vegan grocery/lifestyle store; 100% of profits are donated to Pigs Peace)
* personal training classes with Ben Greene, a/k/a The Vegan Athlete
* if they're OK with raw food, a "cooking" class at Thrive

Fancy vegetarian/vegan restaurants:
* Sutra
* Cafe Flora
* Carmelita
* Plum Vegan Bistro (they also have a cookbook)

Fancy cocktails:
* Bathtub Gin & Co.
* Canon Whiskey & Bitters Emporium
* Knee High Stocking Company
* Vessel

...and here's a huge and detailed list of Washington's craft distilleries.

Hope this helps!
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A Seattle segway tour and dinner at one of the above mentioned places. So fun.
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I haven't been yet, but I've thought it'd be fun to do a Theo's Chocolate tour and then go tasting at Fremont Mischief Distillery. One of my favorite vegan places has always been Araya's (it's inexpensive, but could be paired with some of the other things to make a fun day).
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Vegan tasting menu at Tilth!
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. Dotgirl, I think the dinner after the wedding is going to be at Plum or I'd do that. The Herbfarm looks lovely but it's expensive enough I think they'd feel weird about it. I'm leaning towards a fancy night out at Tilth or Canlis for them; both have vegan tasting menus. Anyone have any pros/cons for either that might help me make a choice?
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