Looking for very cool coffee place in specific place in Philly
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Meeting a friend who has introduced me to the cool places in Center City, Philly. Now my turn to reciprocate. Hope me?

The criteria:

1) Good coffee
2) Good cake/pastries, etc
3) Some unique properties
4) Accessible (I'm in a wheelchair)

Don't worry too much about #4, I can check that out. But for various reasons it needs to be in Center City/Old City east of 11th, within a few blocks north and south of Market.
Thanks all you wonderful people I love you all.
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1. Good Karma, 9th/Pine - big, airy, good pastries, coffee - student population
2. Cafe Ole 3rd/Arch - Israeli, amazing pastries, good coffee, outdoor seating
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I've looked into good coffee in Philly a bit.

Basically I made a list of all the places that supposedly had great coffee and visited as many as I could. Unfortunately I never made it to the ones east of 11st... But. They're fairly certain to have the best coffee in the area.

The Good Karma Cafe at 928 Pine.

Bodhi Coffee at 410 S. 2nd.
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Not sure what time of day you want to go, but Farmicia is one of my absolute favorite places when I'm in Philly. They've got an amazing brunch.

As far as accessibility, there's one step up, but I don't know about the access inside. There is a parking lot just adjacent to the restaurant. Hope that helps!
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Is right on 11th okay? If so, Cake and the Beanstalk on 11th and Locust is the cutest. Little cramped inside though, so definitely double check the accessibility.
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Ultimo coffee is a reccomended place that Ive been to and met up with freinds there, also has craft beer selection if you get interested.
They serve chemex coffee in the early am and have a good selection that changes around the month
The coffee shop was named best of US but take surveys with grain of salt

I went to the newbold location(1900 S. 15th Street, 19145 {S. 15th & Mifflin Streets} which is a hop off the broad street line. An additional branch is near the graduate hospital area if thats easier.
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Old City Coffee is cool, but might not be accessible. Around 3rd and Arch.
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Shot Tower is kind of far south -- it's at 5th and Christian. But it has fantastic coffee, it's a pretty cool little coffee shop, and I *think* that it's accessible.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, I appreciate your answers very much
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