State of the art indie/hobby game programming tools?
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It's been nearly 10 years since I've poked at game programming as a hobby (Hi smackwich!). What are the best platforms, engines or technologies for not-windows hobby/indie game devs these days?

I am a software developer by day* and well versed in pretty much all of the programming languages*. I definitely do not even sort of write games though... What are the technologies of choice these days?

I used to play with DirectX, VisualStudio, C++, Ogre3d and a bit of C#/XNA. That was a long time ago... 10 years ago I ran Windows somethingorother on a self-built computer -- I'm rockin' a MacBook Air now... things done changed.

I don't plan on going back to Windows (ever), so 'cross platform' stuff is my goal. Is PyGame viable? How's Ogre3d? Should I just bone up on OpenGL?

(*for all intents and purposes)
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The standard indie game engine of choice these days seems to be Unity. The basic version is free.
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Best answer: Check out the TIGSource forums.
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2nding Unity.
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I've also heard good things about libgdx, if you can stomach Java (and a fairly convoluted conversion to Mono for iOS deployment)

This might answer a few questions about Unity.
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If you're used to C#/XNA, take a look at MonoGame. They did the Mac/PC/Linux ports of Fez with it so it's definitely not a toy. Otherwise Unity seems to be the engine of choice.
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Response by poster: Just to clarify, I have zip-zero interest in developing for Android/iPhone/iPad. That seems to be one of the main (though, I do realize, not sole) aims of Unity. Definitely have a bias towards Python-y things, as well.

Thanks for the answers so far :)
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I would disagree that Unity is especially geared towards Android/iOS. I think it's a robust and flexible engine, period. Especially works great for PC/Mac games.
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PyGame certainly works, although I've only used it for things like visualizations and interfaces, not actual games. What do you require of something to be "viable"?
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Best answer: XNA is dead.

I make games for a living, and although I don't use it myself, I know of plenty of people who sell perfectly decent stuff made with Unity on all platforms. If you're comfortable with C++, it's almost a no brainer.

I also know a bunch of people who grumble at it, but they're mostly the type who write their own engines, and would rather you stayed off their lawn.
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Unity didn't even work for IOS for the longest time. It's started on the PC and there are tons of PC games developed on it.
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