A site or app that will let me check for DNA relatives
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I'm trying to determine whether my dad is really my dad. I have my DNA raw data and my dad's raw data from 23andme, but results are not yet calculated for relatives.

My mom and I have our 23andme results. They show we're related. Today, I received my dad's 23andme results. The portion that shows DNA relatives will take two more weeks to calculate, which means I can't yet determine if we're related.

However, I'm able to download the raw DNA data. I'm itching to know the answer now, so I would like to find a service outside of 23andme that will let me upload my data and my dad's data to see if we're DNA matches.

Does this service exist?

Caveats: I'm just looking for an online service/app/site that will do this. I've already decided to do it, so I don't need advice on whether to do this or not. (And nothing about this is a big deal and all parties are aware, trust me.) I'm just looking for a specific site or app that allows me to upload DNA data and compare the data/search for DNA matches. I already have the data in an easily accessible format.

I can wait the two weeks, but I'd like to know sooner if a service exists.

I'm willing to pay cash money if needed.

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If it helps, 23andme says it will take 2 weeks, but often the results are available a lot sooner than that. I think between the time I got my health results and my family results was more like 4 days.
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I'm willing to pay cash money if needed.

If you don't find a site, try a biotech grad student.
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"Two weeks" took a total of five days for me, and this was last week. The DNA relatives were ready within 3 days.
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It seems like this is what you're looking for, although I haven't used it personally:

GEDmatch, based upon this review that claims some of its tools are "a genetic distance calculator, a relationship calculator, the ability to triangulate on match results to see how you and your match relate to others, a tool for checking to see if your parents are related to each other, and more."

And here's a how to guide.
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GEDmatch isn't allowing new data uploads until 08/15.
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yohko: "If you don't find a site, try a biotech grad student."

Heh, I am a biotech grad student with a biostatistics background and, being curious what their raw data looks like, I'd be happy to poke around at it. My email is in my profile and if I find something useful to you then you can owe me a beer at the next meetup we're both at.
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I think you can get around waiting by skipping Relative Finder for this.

1. Send a sharing request from you to both your parents' accounts (or vice versa)

2. Go to "Family and Friends" and then "Family Traits" and compare two profiles (yours and your father's.) If it's half full of blue, you're related. If not, you can compare your genome to your Mother's in that tool to see what a parental relation percentage should look like.

If it's not too upsetting one way or the other let us know how it turns out!
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