Where do photo journalists hide their stash?
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Some people on the media platform took photos or video of me and the sign I was holding at D.C. on Saturday in the Ellipse. Where can I look for this picture/video?

Generally, how does this work? I would assume the people on the platform work for a media company, like C-SPAN. Should I write to C-SPAN and ask for footage? All of it, or be specific? Or, perhaps they're freelancers, in which case, where do they file their media for it to be searched and indexed by organizations looking to buy the images for reproduction?
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Good question. Me and my sign got a lot of stop-and-shoot from the media in SF in 2003. I'm eager to hear responses. I have a feeling that the answer is: the cutting room floor. Look at the media coverage of the event. Largely, when you see people with signs, they are in huge groups so as to suggest numbers. It's remarkable for television media to linger long enough on any one sign long enough for it to be read. If they do, they're probably zoomed in on it, cropping you out. I'm not guessing, here, just generalizing based on what I see on TV.
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W-e-e-l-l, you could try to file a Freedom of Information Act request for your FBI file.
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I specifically know that at least three or four people on the platform yelled at me to turn around for a picture and, possibly video. I'm not sure who they work for or where the footage would go. If anyone is actually familiar with this process, I'd love to hear from you.

Is there a list of media attendees? Who would have this list? Who even organized the ellipse event? I know there were several organizations doing different things.
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I'd start by checking flickr for pics from the protest. I'm sure a couple of quick tag searches will find them. Many of them may not be up for a day or two, though.
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