LMGTFY sans snark?
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So, I really like how Let Me Google That For You gives me the ability to send someone a shortened link to a specific google search. What I don't like is the built-in implication that the asker is lazy and that I am annoyed by the question. Are there any kinder, gentler alternatives to LMGTFY? (I don't want to simply use the search results URL because I don't want the results to be localized to me).
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Does it need to be Google? The DuckDuckGo.com search results URL doesn't have any extra localisation crap, for example:
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Put your search term where the blarf is. It won't be localized to you.
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Shortest version:

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It's not clear to me what you are asking for.

One thing that you mentioned is that you like a short link. If you want an url that is not full of weird cruft, then you can do what Rustybrooks suggested. (You can read more about that here)

But you said you want results that are not localized to you. Using a link like the one Rustybrrooks suggested will still yield localized results. But so will LMGTFY, the example you gave of the sort of results you want. (Hence my confusion about what you are looking for)

I think getting non-localized results is tricky. There's a link about it here. Is that what you are hoping for?
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If rada enters bensherman's link, she'll get localized results, yes. If she sends that link to someone else, that person will get localized results--not rada's locality, but his own. So I think this accomplishes her goal, as I understand it.
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I think the question pertains to the judgment on the link recipient that appears to be levied when using LMGTFY. OP, you are looking for alternate solutions that don't imply that the recipient is stupid for not having googled something themselves, yes?
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Count me confused by crux of this question too.
bensherman has the answer, as far as I can tell, but if you want the link further shortened then run it through http://goo.gl/
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I once received a Let Me Google that For You, and I was indeed annoyed by the snark (but the particular situation merited that I be snarky right back).

You could send the person the Google link including the search terms and also include a gentle explanation of why you decided on your search terms, or whatever it is, so they can be more self sufficient next time.
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Response by poster: To answer your questions:

I know that I can (1) search google (or DDG), (2) strip URL parameters except for "q" from the address bar (painfully, because "q" is never the first or the last parameter), (3) hop over to a URL shortener service to convert to a short URL, (4) hop back to google to copy the search query text, (5) hop to my email to paste the query text, (6) hop back to the URL shortener service to copy the short URL, (7) hop back to my email to link the two... what I'd like is a website that does all that in one convenient step, just like LMGTFY. But without the snark.

... and Mr. Moon Pie is correct, I don't want my recipient to see results that are localized and otherwise personalized to me. If they have results personalized on their end, that's ok.

Sounds like I should make it, doesn't it :)
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OK now I don't understand. Literally, you can just take mine or bensherman's url and change "blarf" to your search term. You don't need to hop anywhere. Then you paste it to your friend.
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Response by poster: Thanks Rusty but my search terms are often multi-word phrases, often with URL-unsafe characters, so I'd have to URL-encode the query myself if I didn't want to copy it from The Google.
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Okay. So to understand:

- What you want is to get a "clean" url for google search results, without all the extra cruft and parameters.
- Because you do searches on multi-word phrases and url-unsafe characters, you don't want to build the urls yourself.

There is a thread about this on meta.talk here. On that thread, it seems like the closest thing that people came up with was a bookmarklet called Trim Google URL. It is meant to do pretty much exactly what you ask, I think - trim all the cruft out of a Google search result url, leaving just the search parameters.
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Best answer: If you are using chrome, you can use a plugin called Shorter Google Urls
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