Current news on buying a Kurrant?
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I would absolutely LOVE to buy this tiny electric car, but cannot find anywhere that sells it.

Here is the : Kurrant

I only live two miles from work and walk most of the time, but when it's over 100 F or raining, I'd like to drive. Also, it would be perfect for runs to the grocery store because it's difficult to buy groceries when I have to carry them home on my back. Basically, I'm not planning on taking it anywhere out of my neighborhood area, for which it was designed.

Where can I buy this? I filled out their online form and also emailed them at the email on their sales contact page, but both messages bounced back (even the one from the online form sent me an email saying it was not delivered).

I would also be happy buying a something else of comparable size and price, but after 2 days of Googling, found that none are available in the US. Therefore, I am willing to buy one overseas and have it shipped here, this : source says that a reputable importer cost him about $2600, which is worth it for the amount of gas I will save.

Any advice on where I can get the Kurrant or another car like it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Unfortunately, it looks like the company may have gone out of business years ago. There was one used for sale in 2010; maybe the owner still has it, or the forum might have others listed?
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Response by poster: I know that one has to research the sellers on this website, but I did find this, does anyone have experience with this trading site?
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Nothing about the Kurrant. But Looking at Wikipedia's Neighborhood Electric Vehicle page lead me to the GEM E2 as an alternative that might work for you.
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Response by poster: Awesome! That is very cute. I must have missed that one in my search, much thanks!
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Before buying an NEV, as defined under US law, you will need to check state and local regulations on their use. Our city passed an NEV ordinance a few years back that defined what streets were legal and so forth, including the caveat that crossing the Interstate that bisects the city is forbidden. Anyway, the point is that you should make sure they're legal to use as you intend.
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