A crowdsourced poll repository?
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A political pollster called me last night with three questions and afterward I wondered if there is a site that lets people who receive these calls enter as much information as they can about the questions and the organization asking them. Presumably such a site would be searchable and also yield useful metadata about the types of questions being asked and polling organizations themselves. My google-fu fails me. Do you know of any sites that are to what I describe?
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Not that I know of (I work in political campaigns). But the politics desk at your local paper, and probably the local political bloggers, would love a tip email and would almost certainly write about it.
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I work with pollsters. I'll ask them when they come in this morning. (I feel like I've maybe asked them this before, but if I have, I can't remember the answer!)
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Response by poster: @amaire: I am a reporter and am considering writing about it. It just surprised me that there (seemingly) is nothing like this out there. Maybe it's time to consider a side project.
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It seems that all of my pollster colleagues are at a conference or something today. I'll poke them next week.
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