Factory reset to donate Blackberry
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Trying to reset my Blackberry to donate it to a domestic violence shelter or service members.

So, I have a Blackberry I want to donate and I followed the directions to do a security reset, but when it reboots my phone number still shows up on the welcome screen. Not like you could call anyone, but I was looking for a true factory reset.

This should be easy but I can't even work a copier, so, help?
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That's strange... Did you take the SIM card out?
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Response by poster: Forgive me, seriously, but I took it out and put it back in- am I supposed to take it out and leave it out? What will they use then (I use an iPhone now)?
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Response by poster: Meaning I wouldn't need to transfer a SIM card.
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Best answer: I had always thought that the SIM card stored your "mobile subscriber identity", such as your phone number, and, unlike texts and address book contacts, that phone number can't be erased from the SIM card. Perhaps I'm wrong.

Wouldn't the shelter receive a new SIM card from their cellphone provider when they signed up for a plan?
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Best answer: Take the SIM out and leave it out. When they set up the phone, they'll get a new SIM, no big deal. The SIMs are basically locked to the user, not to the phone, and you get a new one when you set up a new plan.
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Nthing that you need to remove the SIM. The shelter will need to put a new one in anyway.
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