Wedding gift/token ideas for best friend getting hitched across the pond
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My best friend is flying over to the US next week to have a very small wedding ceremony with her beloved and some family, before they both come back to England to live. It was all pretty late notice and none of her friends from over here will be attending. She's said she doesn't want a big fuss made and they will probably have a party over here next year to celebrate, but I'd still love to give her a little something to take along so that she knows I'm thinking of her. Ideas please!

I was thinking of getting together the 'something old, something new, ...etc' but her sister has already done that and she now has all her jewellery ready. Other ideas include perhaps a wedding-themed indie mixtape (although how do you give mixtapes now that no-one even uses cds anymore?) or perhaps a video stitched together of various friends wishing her luck. I don't want to get anything large as she'd just have to lug it there and back and like I said, she doesn't want a big fuss. I've seen a few nice things on Etsy (vintage confetti etc) but most of them need to be shipped from the US and I now only have just over a week before she goes... Any other clever/sweet/cool ideas out there?
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A pretty garter? A little prayer book? I have one covered in white lace and my Mom carried it in her wedding to my Dad, I carried it at my wedding.
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Can you get ahold of a sixpence for her shoe?
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If you want to buy something available in the US, and she's getting married in the US, can you call the place she's staying and see if you can have something arranged or shipped there? For example, if you can find out what hotel she's staying in, call them, and see if you can pay for a special present to be left for the couple in the hotel room when they get back from the actual wedding celebration. If they're staying with family, call a family member and see if they'll accept shipment of an order of something. Even if you don't know her family, I'm sure they'd be happy to help.
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How about if you change some money and send her enough to have a nice drink with her new husband?

Or arrange for champagne to be sent to their room upon their arrival.
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A video of all their friends wishing them well, emailed the morning of the ceremony would be really sweet & thoughtful! If it is too big to email maybe you could upload it somewhere before hand then email the link that morning. Along that line you could also make them a website (as in signing up for something like The Knot, I think you can get a free couples page) and have everyone post messages/ videos/ pics of well wishes.
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I think a bunch of flowers delivered the day before the wedding, to wherever she is staying, with a sweet note from you, would be an absolutely lovely gesture. Try to call or email with a local florist, instead of using Interflora or similar, so that you can really get a personalized bouquet.
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A note or card with messages from the various friends who can't make it, delivered to her on wedding day via venue, family, or guest!
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You could make her a mix on (she can listen offline I believe) or give her a flash drive for her to load onto her phone/pod.
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On the morning of my wedding day, in the car on the way to the church, my best friend gave me a small stuffed pig. The fact that it was a pig had no meaning whatsoever, in fact, it was sort of within her personality to give slightly odd/nonsensical things to commemorate occaisions. All these years later I still have it, and remember that moment in the car fondly and with clarity whenever I look at it.

Point being, it doesn't have to be something that "will last a lifetime" to be something that will last a lifetime. Know what I mean?

I also think that some of the suggestions above, a bottle of champagne delivered to the room, or a video with well wishes from several friends, are lovely ideas. (Perhaps a video with the friends together, giving a toast?)
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