Help me remember a SciFi story
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I am trying to remember an old science fiction novel. I swear I heard of it on Metafilter, but my search skills fail me. It was weird, maybe a classic, maybe an embarrassment. Setting - far, far future. Earth winding down. No space flight. Remnants of humanity live in a chasm, rest of the planet is uninhabitable. The whole thing was online (on a geocities-level website), either public domain or never actually published. Author may be unknown.
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Feersum Enjinn by Iain M. Banks is the closest thing that comes to mind, though it seems unlikely to be the thing you read online. There are a lot of sci-fi stories with this basic plot; a more recent one is The City of Ember.
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That "City of Ember" link also mentions The City Under Ground by Suzanne Martel which also shows up in this Ask MetaFilter thread.
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....I dimly remember something like this on The SCP website - is that it?
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The City and the Stars by Arthur C Clarke?
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Nobody living in a chasm in The City And The Stars. I'm reminded of a minor Known Space planet called Canyon, where The Ringworld Engineers begins.
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Best answer: I know this! It's William Hope Hodgson's The Night Land, available in a handsome new trade paperback from HiLoBooks, or you can just read it in serial on their website at the link above.
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Also sounds like NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind, but that is also not online.
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Response by poster: Escabeche, you are the proud new owner of 10 shiny internets! I am reading it now to be sure, but I am about 99% sure it is The Night Land. Thanks Everyone for helping! mbrubeck, I don't think I have ever heard of that Banks book - more homework.
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