Looking for an independent housecleaner in Los Angeles
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Massive overtime at work, and spending our free time cleaning is killing my husband and me. I think it's time to pay someone else to do this. AskMe, please refer someone based in LA!

I've asked around family/friends for referrals for an independent housecleaner, but they've either never needed one or used maids from a bigger company. I'd rather pay someone directly. I'm hoping that fellow LA mefites here could recommend a cleaner they're happy with. My next step is to check Craigslist and do a bunch of interviews and reference checks, so it would be awesome if I could skip most of that headache.

(I'm looking for someone to come in bi-weekly for a ~900sqft. apartment located near the Miracle Mile area.)

And to preemptively do away with any "Do it yourself, it's a small place!" responses, we get home around 8-9pm on weekdays and have lately been called in on the weekends. There. Is. No. Time. But there is money...! That we will happily do away with if it means a clean house.

Thanks guys! Please please please send me a memail if you'd rather not post contact info directly, which I totally understand.
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Call a realtor in your neighborhood and ask for a recommendation. We're selling our house and my Real Estate guy knows AMAZING people who work for reasonable wages and who do great work.

Sort of makes me sad I'm moving. A little bit.
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Don't do it yourself! Hire someone! There's someone out there who would really like to be paid for this! Having said that, this is something where you really, really want to find someone who comes with stellar references -- less for the cleaning aspect than the "this person will be alone in my house with all my possessions, will possibly have a key, can rifle through all my stuff -- oy vey!" aspect.

Over the course of many years I've had several housecleaners in LA, and I've absolutely, positively only ever used someone referred by a friend, workmate or relative. Try again with your network of people -- post it on Facebook, put a flyer up in the kitchen at work, ask your neighbors, etc. Ask your friends to ask their friends, if it comes to that.

Also, an LA-centric element: decide for yourself how comfortable you feel with someone who doesn't speak much English, is possibly illegal, etc. This may bother you, it may not, but it's something to think about.
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Try ThumbTack. Fantastic site that I just used to find a skilled person in a specific city. Really easy to use, and you'll get a ton of people bidding to do the work you need.
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memail sent
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one more memail
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Yo, not to hijack, but since you're in LA, if this person works out for you, send me a memail with their info. (Though I'm in the Los Feliz neighborhood.)
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I am seconding klang. Been looking for a good cleaner for a while!
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Thirding, with gratitude (and empathy for someone else with no time).
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I have used Magic Cleaners before and they are FAB.
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