What kind of women's pants are these?
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Saw a woman wearing these cute pants and have no idea what words to search to find a pair. Can anyone ID? (sorry for blurry crap photo, I felt creepy enough taking it but thought it'd be creepier to ask her). Elastic waistband but not a sweatpants-kind of feel, looked dressy and comfy at the same time.
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Green gauchos, maybe? They don't look quite as wide on the bottom, but it's hard to tell. Or short palazzo pants?
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Hard to tell from the pic, but it looks like they might be made out of a light wool crepe fabric.

Yes, I watch project runway.
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They look like cargo capris to me.
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Here, like this maybe?
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They kind of look like the loungy linen cargo pants I got from the Gap outlet this summer, but maybe with a drawstring capri bottom instead of long normal. They have a drawstring waist and button fly.
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Best answer: Pretty sure they are cuffed cargo pants.
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They kinda look like a cross between genie pants and cargo pants. Maybe cargo genie pants.
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Best answer: I think they're a newish silhouette called "track pants" or "relaxed pants." Elastic waist, tapered at the ankle, loose through the hip and thigh? I've seen a bunch at Nordstrom. (Sorry for no links; I'm on my phone.)
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They look a bit like Thai fisherman pants to me.
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I think they may be something along these lines? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. I see a lot of similar styles just browsing the pants section on Shopbop.

I don't know what the style is called, but I've been seeing them everywhere these days. They're pretty much a sweatpants type of cut, but in dressier materials.
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Best answer: Check out these cuties. (If you buy them during the month of July, use the promo code "weloveyoutoo" for 30% off and free shippping)
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Best answer: Here are some from Free People.
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Best answer: Urban Outfitters has a bunch of these.
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Best answer: I have some of these. Super comfy and appropriate outside the house.
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Best answer: The search term you want is 'harem pants' - but don't just go to google, you want to go to a fashionable website or else you'll end up with actual harem pants. Try ASOS and ShopBop, Revolve and the like.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all your answers (though what is UP with the cargo genie pants? Yipes!) and I best-answered the ones that seemed closest to the pants I saw.
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