Design a Homebrew for FODMAP diet
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What homebrew can I make that someone on a FODMAP diet can drink?

I'm a homebrewer and my friend is discovering that she needs to stick to foods allowed by the FODMAP diet (see also).

What kind of homebrew can I make that she can drink?

I'm specifically interested in experience from other folks familiar with FODMAP diets, especially if you have a homebrew recipe you can link to. My go-to site for this ( comes up empty.
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Well, all alcohol is a gastric irritant, so she won't be doing a lot of it - but rice seems to be on the "OK!" list. There are a lot of beer and sake recipes out there.

Also, there's recipes for buckwheat ale, which is also FODMAP-approved. No links, as the filter at work disapproves of booze-links, but google the following for some ideas:

rice beer recipe
sake homebrew recipe
buckwheat beer recipe

Also, skip carbonation, as that can be problematic as well.
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The fermentation of sugars into alcohols by yeasts will inherently produce metabolic intermediates that fit this chemical description, which will not end up going all the way to booze under normal homebrewing conditions. What people usually think of as the taste of cheap alcohol comes from these failed intermediates, though there are fun ways for homebrewers to play with them to fun effect if you know what you're doing - for example beer with banana esters. Generally to reduce them in your final product you will want to use higher quality ingredients, stay away from champagne or hefeweizen yeasts, and perform your primary fermentation at the coldest temperature you can get away with.

To figure out what to brew I'd go back to your friend to see what kinds of carbohydrate rich, as well as ideally protein and lipid poor, foods they have the best luck eating and experiment with fermenting that. If rice is OK that should be ideal.
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from the wikipedia link, it says rye or wheat are ok, and you can make beer out of either of those.
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