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My friend is getting married in September in Somerville, MA. She wants her hair in finger waves. She's struggling to find a salon in metro Boston that can do finger waves. Any personal recommendations (especially reasonable-cost ones) from people who have gotten finger waves in the Boston area? The wedding is on a Saturday afternoon (so hair would be Saturday morning). Transit accessibility is not an issue; assume she'll have a car.

Hair details in case it matters: She has top-of-shoulder length, wavy-to-curly, Caucasian hair, not especially thick or thin.

I have a couple of links to DIY finger wave tutorials that I'll send her if all else fails, but she'd really prefer to have a pro do it.

Neither of us currently live in Boston, but she used to live there and is familiar with the area. She'll be there a couple of times before the wedding, so she can check out/consult stylists then.
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So I don't know any in particular that do this, but I do know that for some extra money you can get most stylists to come to you for a wedding, so that you don't necessarily need to limit yourself to where your friend can get to on their own.
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Call around near where you are going to be, you want an old, established salon wher they're used to doing wash and sets.

If all else fails, go to salon that specializes in African-American hair and get it done there.
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I read somewhere that fingerwaves are usually required as part of beauty school certification, then never seen again. Maybe call a beauty school and the instructor can help?
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Best answer: I don't know any one particular, but another option could be to check out professional theatres and university theatres in the area. Hair and makeup artists for stage shows are often very familiar with vintage hairstyles due to the nature of their work.
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My cousin in beauty school did this to my hair for a play in the flapper era. No personal recommendations of a hairdresser from me, but a word of advice to have your friend get the style done once in advance beforehand by whoever she chooses. I liked the sample pictures I saw beforehand but hated, hated the finger waves in my own hair, and to me it looked greasy and unflattering. My hair is naturally wavy and on the thin side.

Good luck!
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Best answer: My own hairdresser in MA has actually complained to me about having to learn these for her licensing exam, since they are so rarely requested. So I know she can do them and she's great at everything she does for me, but I can't vouch for that particular style. Anyway it's Katie Lyn at Jeffrey Roberts in Worcester. Memail me if you need more info...
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I had finger waves for my wedding.

You are looking for a vintage hair specialist, someone who understands how to do them, and does them regularly! With Pinterest and vintage style weddings becoming more popular, I think you'll find a hairstylist who can definitely do it by searching for those specific terms.

We had 3 trials for my wedding (my hair stylist is a friend and wanted to get them right), and each time they turned out slightly different. The best method was the old fashioned rollers/clamps with a setting agent and then the giant old fashioned helmet you sit under to heat dry slowly.

Some hairstylists use a more modern technique with a hair straightener or curler, but the curls don't last anywhere near as long, or sit so well.

I too did not like one version of the finger waves in my hair - too flat and too filled with product. We ended up experimenting with a little more volume (so not completely traditional) and less gel product and more hairspray at end, and it was perfect (and even lasted to next morning!)...

Good luck!
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