Is taking Pristiq and 5-HTP together going to cause serotonin syndrome
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Is taking Pristiq and 5-HTP together going to kill me cause serotonin syndrome?

There are accounts online about people trying this and finding it helps with their otherwise treatment-resistant depression. That same forum also has another guy going around saying that serotonin syndrome is unlikely to occur outside of MAOI+other-antidepressant usage. So, I'm thinking about trying this. How terrible an idea is this?

(I have not yet discussed this with my doctor or psychiatrist and yes, I know that I should.)
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This isn't a question Metafilter is well-equipped to answer for you. Call your psychiatrist and ask if this is a good idea.
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I can't tell you if that will cause it but I would find out for sure. I had serotonin syndrome once and it was horrible. I puked for hours and thought I might die. It was pretty scary.
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Best answer: my psych said absolutely not to take 5htp if i'm taking any ssris, snris, etc.
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From Natural Standard's 5-HTP Interactions Data : Antidepressant agents, serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors: Based on theory, concomitant use of 5-HTP and SNRIs (such as venlafaxine) may increase serotonin levels, resulting in adverse effects, including serotonin syndrome.

I would not do it.
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This is not medical advice, et cetera.

That said: this is a fairly terrible idea. Don't risk it. Your forum guy was on the right track, but not close enough.

Talk to your pdoc and doc of course, and don't necessarily give our word any more weight than the other random internet people but: no.
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