Need a tattoo artist in Philly who's skilled with darker skin tones.
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A friend of mine is looking to do a full sleeve with a lot of colors. The problem is that most tattoo artist in this area don't know how to mix colors that pop well on darker complexions. Does anyone have any recommendations for tattoo artists, preferably in the Philadelphia metro area, who are adept with working on darker skin tones?
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Best answer: No Ka Oi Tiki specialize in Polynesian tattoos, apparently, so might have experience with darker skin tones. Most of their portfolio features lighter complexions, but there are examples of larger pieces on darker skin tones and get guest tattooists from Hawaii.

I've not used them, so this isn't a personal recommendation.
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Response by poster: I just saw this! I'd all but given up on this question, so thank you for the suggestion. Yay!
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