For how much can I sell this stained-glass pendant light?
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I know nothing about stained-glass, but I do know that at some point, someone spent hours making this and we're finally updating the room it's in, so it's time for it to go. Just wondering what I could reasonably sell it for, and if there are any good forums for doing so (other than Craigslist).
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I would guess you could ask $50 - 75 range, but my bet would be that you'd end up getting closer to the $50.
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Best answer: Unless you know for sure that it's handmade, it's probably a standard product (example). I'd ask for $50 on craigslist and see what happens.
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Not for nothing but that is a mass-market manufactured light fixture, circa 1971. (and bugly I might add.)

Not too many people are looking to add those to their houses. Throw that bad-boy on Craigslist, but I doubt anyone will nibble.
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Response by poster: Yes, it is fugly, isn't it? Hideous. I'll pop it out there for $50 and see if anyone bites. You'd be surprised what peoples' tastes are. Otherwise, free is good too -- we just want it gone and I hate throwing things away.
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Ah, the ugly christmas sweater of light fixtures...

There are countless numbers of these at the flea markets in the bay area, the going rate is about $35 - $45 depending on the configuration and ugliness.

they used to be a popular "over the pool table in the garage" fixture
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It's a pretty bog standard hanging shade, one step above beginner's level project in terms of complexity, using a standard commercial pattern (the pattern came preprinted on a foam lamp shade form if someone took a class to make this), and the glass they used isn't notable. It's got a better than even chance to have been cut, pieced and soldered by hand in a sweatshop somewhere and sold at a big box store (take a closeup photo of the inside solder joints and I can probably tell you if it was, not that it makes any difference in the value). I'm afraid it's of no interest to people interested in stained glass for stained glass sake so I would market it to people who like birds. ~$35 if you're lucky.

I used to do a lot of stained glass work because hey, it was the 70s.
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Otherwise, free is good too -- we just want it gone and I hate throwing things away.

If craigslist doesn't bite, try Freecycle.
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You'll definitely get someone on freecycle. I'm actually a slight bit sad that you're nowhere near me; we're using a lot of similar lamps in the bedrooms of our mid 1960s trilevel because we're kinda cheesy. That, and we needed cheap lamps and can get them at the county recycling shop for $15.
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