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What's the best place to be able to make editable charts for a blog?

I'm running a blog that keeps track of people's points in a competitive environment. Link's in the profile if you want to see it, but I don't feel like it's important enough to link to here.

I need an editable bar graph so that I can just go in, change the info, and not have to do anything on the site itself. What keeps throwing me off is two things:

1 - doesn't let you use iframes. I shudder at the thought of using them to begin with, but they do fit the purpose. So I have to use a service that has an image output. Along the same lines, I can't install plugins so making the graph that way won't work either.

2 - I really want something that has a single field for variable input. I've been using Chart Go, but when I use their "Modify This Graph" link all of the info for the graph is gone. So anything that doesn't do that would be great.

The reason I'm looking for the single field, and not multiple like Chart Gizmo, is that I want to keep the stuff displayed in order. Copy/paste one user's info isn't a problem when I can just put it somewhere else in a list. But having the move almost everyone when there's a change just isn't going to happen.

I'd also prefer an online solution so that I can use multiple computers. And free, especially since Chart Go is 90% of what I'm looking for anyway.

Is Chart Go the best option I have? Is there anyone that fits my needs better?
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Googled 'editable charts html', found this, looks pretty cool, isn't using iframes.
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I think Google Charts are what you're looking for. You can use a Google Doc as the data source, and they can output image files.
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Here's an article from Wordpress covering the use:
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