How to get content for a new blog?
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I just started a new blog. Yay! But, it's the kind of blog, along the lines of Psychotic Letters from Men, PostSecret, and CakeWrecks that mines content from users. How do I get more content?

It's basically an anonymous letter depository, where people can send letters, have them anonymized, and let them out in the universe. The inspiration came from my leaving my last job... I really wanted to send my boss an absolutely scathing resignation letter, but the grown-up part of me realized that was a really stupid idea. So, I blogged it, and I think other people might find it helpful. Or entertaining.

So, how to find people with letters to send?
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Passive Aggressive Notes and Cake Wrecks started with their own original content, and got featured by popular blogs pretty quickly, and submissions started pouring in.
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Start posing letters that you've written, and link yourself around as best you can. Once you start gaining an audience, people will start submitting.

I don't know where you're hosting this, but if I'd definitely consider putting at least partial letters (with appropriate tags) on Tumblr, and also putting out well-tagged links on Twitter--both services seem to encourage tag-browsing in a way that could bring you traffic relatively easily.
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Yeah. You need Twitter. This is the kind of thing that Twitter was built for - getting a large number of people information about a project and solicit them to contribute something.
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Post it to Projects!
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Projects FTW. I guarantee content because I've got a few things sitting in my head that I wouldn't mind sharing.
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In addition to posting your own content, post links to similar content you find elsewhere.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! I have been posting my own content (though there are only so many cranky letters I can write before I start feeling like a self-indulgent ass) and tweeting, though my Twitter followers are few in number. Just posted to projects, and looking for links as we speak!
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