Hurrican Rita info for Beaumont TX?
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Anyone have information/pictures of the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, specifically the Beaumont Texas area?

Let me explain my situation. I'm from Beaumont Texas, which was apparently hit very hard by Rita. I say 'apparently' because I haven't been able to gather much real information about what's going on.

My family and a few others evacuated to a small(er) town called Woodville, where we've been staying in a small lake house. We don't have electricity or running water, and we've effectively been trapped where we are for the moment because the one road leading off of the property is covered with fallen trees. We're alright, we're doing fine on food and water for now, and we're sure that the county will clear the way soon, yada yada. We have a crappy generator set up that we can use in spurts, an equally crappy PC, and my brother plucked the heart-strings of an Earthlink service rep to get some cheap temporary internet service, hence my being able to post a message here.

From what little we can gather, Beaumont was hit hard. My family's dying to know more about what happened. Beaumont's news sources haven't started coverage again, and I haven't been able to find any pictures of what's happened or hardly any information. I don't know if there's really not that much to be heard about Beaumont or if we're just not in a position to hear about it.

Soooo... I was just wondering if any Mefites happened to know something I don't about Beaumont or the surrounding area. Any eye-witness reports about the damage? Maybe some photos? All that I've been able to find picture-wise has been stuff pertaining to Lake Charles and Port Arthur. We'd love to know what's going on closer to home.

I apologize if the post is a little rambly, I'm in a hurry. I also apologize if this post isn't Ask Mefi material, but under the circumstances I figure it can be forgiven. Any information that can be provided to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Kryptondog, you probably already know this, but the Beaumont Enterprise website has some recent content. Not a lot, true. But it also has a blog where people are commenting and checking in. If you haven't already, you could try posting there.

I am originally from Beaumont (born in Baptist hospital, lived at Adams St), though no one in my family has lived there since the early 90s. I wish you well.
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you could try flickr for beaumont--here's 4 pics but i don't know exactly where

(i'm glad you're all safe!)
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CNN has a reporter in Beaumont on now--mostly wind damage and trees down, but some knee-high water.
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Sorry if these are obvious, being yahoo sources, but here's a page with links to audio/video about Beaumont (CNN, NPR, AP). My cousin lives there so I watched most of them yesterday in an effort to find out what she'll be facing when she goes back, and the videos include a little footage of downtown and some homes after the storm. More Beaumont photos - some cover pre-storm evacuations, but several show post-storm damage too.
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Kryptondog, the mayor is talking about allowing people back into Bmt by the end of the week - water is still not good, electricity is out. I'm just now coming back online, we were without power in my part of Houston until this PM, and I'm looking for the exact same info. We had a friend who's a cop go check out my parent's house and my brother's house, and they're okay (Phelan/Calder intersection and Delaware/Phelan area). My grandparents live in Thomas Park and we haven't been able to find out anything about that area, either. Old Town is destroyed, lots of downed pine trees and caved-in roofs. The house I sold last year at Gladys and 9th was specifically mentioned as having a pine tree through the middle of it. What zip code are you looking for?
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Do you know anything about 77713?
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Both the Houston Chronicle and The Dallas Morning News have pictures up of Beaumont. The Chronicle says that Beaumont is without water and sewer now and they don't know when it can be repaired.

We have an aunt who lives in Orange, and she's going home tomorrow; she has well and septic but she'll probably have to stay with someone else somewhere else. CNN said last night that every building in Orange had some kind of damage.

Good luck to you.
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I've heard that my sister's section of Lumberton will be without sewer, electricity, and water for a month. The part of beaumont my parents are in (the zip I posted above) won't be out as long, but my parents are still trying to find out the condition of their house. My sister's house came out okay.
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