What are some free, or cheap certifications I can get?
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I'm interested in getting certified for something that will help along my career. For example, I have a background in research, and universities. What if I wanted to learn how to get certified in an accounting system? What if I learned a certain computer program? Etc. I'm willing to put in the work, and have some ideas, but could use help brainstorming.

This recently occurred to me when a friend got official Food Safety certification to work in a restaurant. Apparently this opened doors. What certificates would be helpful for someone who works with researchers and mostly in an office?

I want to be certified!

Any suggestions would be most welcome. The catch: the credential would have to be for something indoors. This most likely rules out anything cool, like scuba.
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Research and universities? How about Research Administration Certification?
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I think you're going at this a bit backwards - what doors do you want opened? What qualifications are asked for by jobs that you find interesting?

(And, "works with researchers" is pretty broad. Data processing? Office administration? Grant writing? Something else?)
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what is your job? what job do you want?
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If you have the relevant experience maybe a Certified IRB Professional?
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Well Microsoft Office certification is a thing, but most people I know are self-taught and augment with specific classes once they start specializing.

I learned Salesforce.com on the job, now I'm an Administrator. I'm not certified and it doesn't seem to matter much to the people who need the skill.

My suggestion is to figure out what job you want, then get the appropriate training for it.
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